It’s Time To Reinvent Your Human Resources Strategy And IBM Wants Watson To Be Your Guide


via Forbes: Business success starts and ends with a company’s talent. Every organization knows this but not every organization masters the art of creating a company culture that effectively leverages their employee’s skills. Market leading companies define strong cultural values, hire to fulfill that mission and treat employees as well as …

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How AI-powered Mobile Banking App Enhances Customer Experience


via customerthink: Machines are getting smarter globally. Thanks to thriving Artificial Intelligence (AI) concept, companies can make their devices more powerful and ‘intelligent’ to serve their customers in a better way. Both B2B and B2C businesses have started adopting this revolutionary technology as per their scale and size. However, the penetration …

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Basics of forensic accounting


via tribuneindia: Pervin Malhotra Q.I am currently pursuing MCom while working in a bank. Can you please tell me something about forensic accounting and the scope for employment? —Parikshit Chaubey A.Forensic Accountants combine their knowledge of accounting and investigative skills, and harness this unique combination in the areas of litigation support …

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On The Art Of Startups, With Entrepreneur Steve Blank


Via Forbes : Columbia Senior Fellow for Entrepreneurship Steve Blank is a serial entrepreneur-turned-bestselling author and educator who has changed the way startups are built, how entrepreneurship is taught, and how big companies and the U.S. government innovate. A defining voice in modern entrepreneurship, Steve will be honored in January with …

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Islamic banking and finance on the rise


via Pakistan Observer: The index is a benchmark survey revealing the progress, penetration and perception of the Shari’ah-compliant banking sector in the UAE, as well as the future intentions of the nation’s banking customers. Findings demonstrate that Islamic banks are outperforming their conventional peers in customer acquisition—55 per cent of the …

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How Organizations Are Using AR/VR As Hiring Tools


via Forbes: Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming less expensive, more powerful and versatile, more accessible, and easier to code. That’s spurring a wave of tech use innovation in a wide range of business functions and processes, including some at the heart of the human resources (HR) department. …

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