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12 Marketing Tips To Bring In The New Year

Via LinkedIn : 2015 is finally here, which brings us many resolutions. From quit smoking decisions to the ever so popular, weight loss proclamations, there are various resolutions out there. Although most New Year’s resolutions are made for personal fulfillment, you might want to consider making a profitable resolution for your business in 2015.

Refurbishing your marketing materials for your business can be a great way to bring in the New Year. If you are unsure about how to revamp your marketing strategies, here are 12 marketing tips to start your business off right in 2015.

  1. Reconnect with your target audience
  2. Create unique and exciting ideas for social media
  3. Continue to constantly generate new content on your website to heighten your SEO
  4. Repurpose your marketing content to be timely and relevant
  5. Come up with exciting ways to restructure your brand identity
  6. Participate in podcast interviews related to your business
  7. Craft PR campaigns and implement future strategies and tactics
  8. Develop compelling stories around your marketing campaigns
  9. Review your 2015 budget for paid advertising
  10. Distribute email newsletters among your prospects and consumers
  11. Make sure your marketing strategies have call to action plans for your clients
  12. Review 2015’s forecast of upcoming trends to stay ahead of your competition

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