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4 Secrets to Multiply Your Ecommerce Sales for the Holidays

Via Tech : Shopping during holidays can be one of the scariest experiences in the world. The discounts offered during holidays increase the volume of sales in ecommerce companies, brining hundreds of millions of people to stores and malls in your town. But in preparation for all that chaos, fall, is that time of the year when retailers can make significant revenue.

So when everyone is following the same strategy of free shipping, coupons and huge email campaigns, you need to try some different sales strategies and ecommerce solutions that boost your sales and uplift your business:

Know Your Buyers

It is important keep a tap on the rising shopping trends and traffic behavior to take advantage of extra sales opportunities. Keep a look out for people shopping during that period. For example, businesses who are selling season centric items can cash in on fashionistas and youth as they have the taste and relevance to that kind of product.

If your store appeals to the college-aged customers, you should focus heavily on this segment. Your target area should be college students as they have purchasing power or they can research about the different products online.

Form an Email List

Did you know that email is the most powerful channel for selling merchandise? When it comes to email marketing, you have to focus on growing your subscriber list as much as possible. Having more contact is directly proportional to making more sales. This is the right time for fuelling your email marketing. Start using the effective way of traffic conversion through building email list.

You need to focus on email pop ups for your website visitors. This way, you’ll enhance overall rate of conversion. Try adding some incentives like discount on selected merchandise for encouraging your followers to purchase and increasing your email opt-ins. You need to jump on making email pop ups regarding seasonal sales, discounts or by creating engaging themes.

Focus on Abandoned Carts

The Baymard Institute analyzed 33 studies which has data on ecommerce abandonment cart for shopping, according to this study 68.3% is the rate of average cart abandonment. Yes, indeed you’re losing a lot of your money by neglecting this area.

Here are some of the reasons due to which people abandon carts:

  • Shipping rates: you need to be transparent with cost of shipping.
  • Complex checkout : around 11% carts are abandoned due to this reason.
  • More options in payment method: 7% carts get abandoned because of lack of preferred method of payment.
  • Don’t register them: 14% carts are abandoned as people don’t want to create an account.

An alternative method of keeping people engaged even after they have left the cart will help you in increasing ROI.

Selling with Reviews

Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising released a report stating that 70% of users trust the words coming from your customers when they are opting for online shopping method. Leverage your proofs coming from social media for increasing product conversion and in bolstering confidence of your would be customers.

Here is a list of way in which you can lift your revenue by social proof:

  • Displaying number of customers who have bought the item
  • Putting recommendation sections
  • Display two different sections for “of people watched” and “sold”
  • List of people added that product to wish list

If you have a buy store, a third party application can add proof to your store. Keep your audience engaged with news and trends. You can use Notify app which will show your visitors a message in the site footer to your consumers after making a purchase.

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TECH | 4 Secrets to Multiply Your Ecommerce Sales for the Holidays

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