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5 Smart Marketing Tactics You Can Borrow From Big Businesses

Via All Business : Though they may have bigger budgets, big businesses don’t necessarily have to dig into their deep pockets to market their brands effectively. In fact, it often comes down to how well they connect with their audiences and personalize their messages. So how can you incorporate these tactics into your own marketing strategy?

We asked five entrepreneurs from FounderSociety the following question:
Q. What’s an effective marketing tactic to borrow from bigger businesses?

1. Tell Your Story From the Heart

Big brands create stories. Iconic brands have long realized the power of their brand story to build connections. Stories are the perfect catalyst to building brand loyalty and brand value. When you can develop an emotional connection between consumers and your brand, your brand’s power will grow exponentially. –Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

2. Retarget

Retargeting is something we hear a lot but is mainly used by large companies. The reason behind that is it requires a website’s past traffic to be effective. But the misconception is it doesn’t require that much traffic to be effective. In fact, having tested it on a few ventures, it has proven to yield a 25 to 40 percent increase in online sales with as little as 1,500 visitors a month. –Tim Grassin, Candy Banners

3. Personalize Your Marketing

For several decades, big businesses have used personalized marketing to give customers highly targeted messaging. One of the earliest examples is CVS’s just-in-time coupons printed with every receipt. You can incorporate these techniques into your feature development road map or incorporate a simpler implementation, like different email marketing lists based on a sign-up page. –Tony Banta, Live Mercury, Inc.

4. Implement Traditional Mediums

Many large companies don’t just use digital media but traditional mediums like radio and television. These tactics are still very effective but often overlooked by companies in the digital age. –Arry Yu, GiftStarter.com

5. Invest in Search Engine Optimization

If you haven’t considered the impact of ranking in search engines, it’s time to take a second look. Every major enterprise is either investing heavily in or has considered the value and impact of SEO. Customers coming through a first place ranking are ready to buy and convert to more revenue than most other inbound marketing channels. SEO should be an essential element of your marketing plan. –Christopher Rodgers, Colorado SEO Pros

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ALL BUSINESS | 5 Smart Marketing Tactics You Can Borrow From Big Businesses

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