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5 Ways Snap Map Can Improve Social Media Marketing

via SocialBarrel : Snapchat’s Snap Map allows its users to share their current location to friends. It basically turns supported mobile devices into tracking tools.

While it’s a nifty feature for personal tracking, local authorities and parents have shown safety concerns over the platform since it’s mostly used by teenagers.

For safety and privacy, you are better off activating ghost mode on Snap Map. But for marketers, tracking is the best news they have received on the app so far.

Here are five ways a social media marketer can tap into the feature:

1. Enable Snap Map to share your location

If you are within your company’s premises, especially in well-known locations, let your followers know. Giving your brand an address on Snap Map allows your fans to link your business with a physical location. It strengthens their connection with your brand.

2. Request influencers to share their location in company events

Advise all your influencers in an official event to enable location sharing. Most of them have turned this off for security. To promote a public event or party, request the influencers in attendance to temporarily share their location so their followers can connect. Have them turn it on for the event’s duration.

3. Use it for social analytics

While Twitter has the most-open API for analytics among leading social networks, Snap Map also provides geo-location analytics at a glance.

Snapchat’s tool is far from perfect, but it can help you gather the following:

  • Demographics of Snapchat users and their activities
  • Locations frequently visited by Snappers
  • Brand visibility in snaps
  • Competitor’s visibility

Make Snap Map a part of your social media marketing strategy. Eventually, you will see behavioral patterns among users if your brand is linked to one or more locations.

4. Look for the best locations for offline marketing

Snap Map has a heat map that shows where most of the Snapchat activities are happening.
Investigate for a few weeks so you can determine where your target audience regularly are snapping from.
With proper insight, you can isolate locations to geo-filter and implement non-digital strategies such as flyers or outdoor displays to advertise your product or service.

5. Teach your employees about social media

If you have employees, educate them on the proper use of social media. Teach them to highlight your company’s work environment.

Advise your employees to share their location during celebrations, product launches or other public events in your company. They simply have to enable the feature and select Our Story to share the event to the public.

If security policies will not allow sharing of internal events to public audiences, advise your communications group to teach employees on the proper use of Snap Map. It may involve using ghost mode or informing them how Our Story works.


From a marketing perspective, Snap Map offers a new array of geo-based strategies to extend your brand’s reach. With help from your employees, more people will get to know company and its culture. Apart from that, it helps gather info about your target audience, especially their regular hangouts.
What do you think of Snap Map and how has it affected your approach to social media marketing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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