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7 Habits You Must Master to Build a Successful Startup

Via Inc. : Here’s how Scott Rosenblum is making waves at Neutrino.

Scott Rosenblum is one of the tech world’s up-and-comers, making waves in the hot arena of programmatic advertising. As the Chairman and CEO of Neutrino Media Group (NMG)–an innovative multi-media and technology company–he collaborates with companies as diverse as Google, Time Warner, Yahoo, and Hearst Media.

Here’s Scott Rosenblum’s secret sauce for success-and what you can do to emulate him:

1. Make lists to stay on point.

Each day, Rosenblum makes a list of 10 things he wants to accomplish that day. This can be anything ranging from connecting with a CEO of a company Neutrino wants to work with, to completing part of a task. He then makes sure that at a very minimum he accomplishes those assignments, no matter what. He develops a new agenda each day, taking into consideration any new developments that ought to shift his priorities. In this way, he ensures he stays on point with his critical action items.

2. Nurture connections.

Rosenblum cites high-level connections in the right places as crucial to his early success. In that way, he knows he’s incredibly lucky.

In his first business, an apparel and accessory company, he was fortunate to become connected with a family friend who was the chairman and major stockholder in a Fortune 500 company. That friend asked to invest in Rosenblum’s company, and they’ve since developed a long-term close business and personal relationship. Rosenblum has worked to keep his connection in the fold, keeping him involved in numerous business ventures, including Neutrino. Rosenblum’s friend introduced him to several high-profile business people from around the globe. This is an advantage that most businesspeople aren’t afforded, , but Rosenblum has made a concerted effort over the years to nurture these relationships to grow his businesses quickly.

Rosenblum was also connected early on with many high-profile actors and musicians on both a personal and business level, which was invaluable to him from a marketing standpoint.

3. Learn from the masters.

Despite how busy he can get, Rosenblum makes it a point to keep learning on an ongoing basis. While it’s hard to carve out time, books are important to him. In school, Rosenblum was introduced to Sun Tzu’s Art of War, which has been an instrumental guide he cites for some of his success.

Another favorite is The Strategies of War by Robert Greene, which Rosenblum credits for part of his ability to focus. He reviews it frequently and aligns to many of the strategies it contains.

4. Learn from every business endeavor to build your next business.

An entrepreneur born and bred, Rosenblum has learned from each business he has started or been involved with. When he was in the apparel business, his company associated with many high profile musicians and actors. Rosenblum developed a branded entertainment model to take advantage of his partnerships and market his products, as he found it was an affordable way to garner press and exposure. “We found that different brands and media outlets that wanted to be associated with our lifestyle brands would pay for events that marketed our brands so they were affiliated with us in the public eye,” he recalls. “This put us squarely in the advertising business.”

5. Know when to pivot.

After exiting the apparel business, Rosenblum formed a multimedia and advertising company built around branded entertainment, advertising, and mobile application development. At dinner one night, a senior executive at Google said to Rosenblum that programmatic advertising is going to be the way of future. Rosenblum realized that his company had all of the pieces to be highly successful; relationships with the top media companies and publishers, relationships with the top brands, and a sophisticated ad tech team.

The senior Google executive agreed, saying that if Neutrino focused on that particular business, Google would support them. Rosenblum saw the opportunity to pivot and focus on programmatic. The result? Neutrino has quickly grown into a major player in that vertical.

6. Don’t get distracted.

About 15 years ago, the trappings of Rosenblum’s successful apparel business began to distract him. After all, celebrity and a high profile environment constantly surrounded him. Not only that, he saw potential in so many different endeavors and tried to take on too much. “I let my focus and my energy get distracted by too many different projects and directions,” he admits. Rosenblum was putting his efforts into other endeavors, and his core business started to suffer.

Luckily, his partners and family knocked some sense into him and pushed Rosenblum back on course. He’s learned from the mistake, and never looked back.

7. Above all, focus.

So many entrepreneurs have a natural curiosity, which can often be a benefit. Of course, it’s critical to know when to put that curiosity aside and focus on the challenges already on your plate. “Always stay focused and sharp,” Rosenblum advises, having learned from experience. “Focus on the end game, the plan to get there and do not allow distractions or anything else to detour you.”

How many of the seven tips above are you incorporating into your daily routine?

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