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7 signs that you are born to be an entrepreneur

Via LinkedIn : Here are 7 signs that you are born to be an entrepreneur

  1. You are into action:

I have seen many people who are working with big organization in big positions. They still talk about their plans but never willing to leave their cushy job and plunge into action. An effective entrepreneur always gets into the action if he / she feels that the plan is viable.

  1. Risk taker:

Risk taking also goes with the above example. Many people are afraid of leaving their job and getting into the entrepreneurship bandwagon. They consider it a risky proposition. Successful entrepreneurs are the one who took that risky decision of leaving the cushy options and plunging into the tough entrepreneurship venture.

  1. Ready to leave luxury behind:

Entrepreneurs are people who are ready to leave all your luxurious lifestyle and cushy paycheck behind to start something which you are so passionate about. They are ready to go though the struggles to catch their dream of running their own business.

  1. Money minded

Remember the important trait of an entrepreneur. He / she is always money minded. If you are going to say you are into business for just serving the society, then you can very well start a non-profit NGO. Business is supposed to make money and you have to make money to keep the business alive.

  1. Perseverance:

This is the most important trait of an entrepreneur. Even though the entrepreneurs are restless in getting things done soon, they are so perseverant and patient to wait till they achieve their end result and see their vision come true.

  1. Wants recognition:

An entrepreneur always wants his / her work to get recognised. They will not be satisfied to work in a team where someone else will be recognised for the work. They want recognition for the venture they are building and at same time they will be willing to share the recognition to their employees.

  1. Joker of all trade, but king of none.

Remember. We can see lots of people who are talented in a certain thing and will be in a big position in a big organization. But an entrepreneur will never be good at one thing. He / she will always be a joker of all trades but king of none. Show me one CFO who is good at marketing and operations or show me an entrepreneur who doesn’t know a bit of everything, be it finance, marketing, product knowledge, employee management.

Please do remember that each entrepreneur is different, but almost all the successful ones all share these 7 personality traits. If this list sounds like you, you are born to become an entrepreneur and who knows, maybe someday, you’ll be the founder of the next major business in your passionate industry.

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Rajalingam Manickavasan is a PR consultant, entrepreneur and a blogger. He runs his own PR agency in chennai called toss PR. he is an avid blogger

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