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7 Tips for Writing a Cold Call Script

Via LinkedIn : Writing a cold call script is not always the easiest thing to do. One of the challenges is that you really only have a brief amount of time to execute the cold call and you probably have a good amount of information that you want to share and collect. Below are some tips to help make a cold call script efficient and effective.

1. Determine the goal

The first thing you want to do before writing a cold calling script is to determine what the goal of the call is. Is the goal to close a sale, establish a relationship, gather information, schedule a meeting, etc.? Having the goal identified will clearly set the direction for the script.

2. Use brevity

It is good to assume that everybody you cold call is busy. With that being the case, the cold calling script needs to be as brief and laser focused as possible. When writing a script, try to use as few words as possible and eliminate any words that do not add value or can be left out.

3. Use an outline format

One of the qualities of a good cold calling script is one that is easy to be used on a daily basis. If you write the best script but it is very cumbersome to memorize, its use and effectiveness will be diminished. One way to make a cold call script easy to use and embrace is to build it in an outline format.

4. Name drop

When cold calling, the person on the other end of the phone will have their guard up and trying to determine if you are a friend or a foe. One way to decrease a prospect’s guard is add a place in the cold call script to name drop someone else in the organization.

5. Communicate value

Very early in a cold calling script should be a value statement designed to get the prospect’s attention. The goal of this value statement is share with the prospect how you help people that buy from you. This statement should tell the prospect why they should spend two to five minutes talking with you during this cold call.

6. Disqualify

A powerful thing to add to a cold call script is a statement to disqualify the prospect. This is basically a statement that tells them that you do not know if they are the right person for you to talk to or that you do not know if what you are calling about is right for them. This will help to decrease the prospect’s guard as they will feel like to you are not going to be too pushy and aggressive.

7. Qualify

Your time as a sales person is very valuable. In order to maximize sales performance, you want to spend as much of your time with qualified prospects in terms of a fit, need, and ability to purchase standpoint. In order to decrease time wasted, include some qualifying questions in your cold calling script.

8. Confirm availability

With the assumption that everybody that we call is busy, it is very important to have a place in the cold call script for confirming availability. This step may sound like common knowledge and a given step, but we can often overlook this step and this is very important for beginning to establish rapport.

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