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Accountants: How To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

Via LinkedIn : The biggest problem in the competitive world of accountancy is differentiating your service from the competitors around you. Every accountant will claim that they deliver a highly personal and professional level of service.

Every single accountant out there will claim that they offer great value for money and that they will also save you the maximum amount of money possible.

So overcoming the limitations of marketing a pure service is the key to differentiating your accountancy business from those of your competitors.

In the modern world, where the power of the Internet allows low cost marketing and high quality personal interaction, it is vital that you utilise the power of video marketing to create your unique identity and brand in what is an intangible marketplace.

Discover The Benefits Of video Marketing To Your Accountancy Business

People can consume online content through multiple devices nowadays. They can also consume this content from virtually anywhere due to the proliferation of faster Internet connections.

This is leading to an expectancy amongst the modern consumer of high quality content that is instantly available. If your firm is not making use of this then you will fall behind fast.

Websites that contain a blend of video, pictures and text are proven in multiple studies to hold people’s attention and convert them more readily.

The chance of getting people to take action is vastly increased through the power of video in conveying ideas and ethos.

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In addition video will allow your accountancy firm to:

• Quickly differentiate your accountancy firm from others
• Capture more leads by using video to create interest
• Build trust by offering tips that creates value and demonstrates expertise
• Develop a relationship instantly through seeing who they will talk to face-to-face
• Enhance the trust factor of your testimonials through videoing your successes

Although low in cost, video is still seen as a high-end investment. This means that the general public will see a professional video on your website as a sign that you invest heavily in your accountancy video. They will conclude that high-quality video means high quality service and pride.

Link Video Marketing With Email Marketing To Maximise Your Reach

Something you can do very easily is to team up with a video production company to produce weekly, biweekly, or monthly video blog articles. Another way of looking at these is as regular financial help workshops.

By linking to these when contacting your email marketing list you can connect them to the heart of your business more quickly. They will see the value in the information you share by video and they will get to know the accountants within your firm.

This is just one of many ways that you can integrate video into what are now the more traditional aspects of online marketing, such as email marketing.

Promotional Business Videos can help your accountancy firm to tightly integrate high-quality video marketing into the heart of your business.

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