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Aligning Your Supply Chain Operations with Corporate Strategy

Via – LinkedIn : Aligning supply chain operation with corporate strategy – This concept is of great importance so that a firm’s supply chain does not become isolated with the rest of the operations. The supply chain should be integrated into the overall operations of the corporation. It is of great importance for top management to understand this so they may foster synergy between all departments of the business they are running. In addition, supply chain professionals should understand this concept so they demand to be integrated into the overall operations of this business. It is a win-win.

Top management, when setting the strategy, should clearly define their road-map, with concise end-goals and a means to obtain those goals efficiently. By doing so, they express their vision and how each department, including supply chain, can contribute to the overall goal of the firm, maximizing shareholder wealth (if a publicly traded company).

Analogous to chess, the CEO would be the player. Let’s say the supply chain department are the castles (marketing the bishops, finance the knights, etc.) If we were the player, we would want to use all of our pieces with all of their unique moving capabilities to their full potential in order to realize profits (forcing the opposing king into checkmate). Just as the article states, we must constantly refresh our strategy based on the tactics of our adversary. Yes, we can go into the chess game with a strategy and attempt to execute it, but if we don’t take into the consideration the moves of our opponent, we’ll quickly find our pieces captured and our king in checkmate (net losses or in the long term, business failure).

Currently, I am in the strategic planning process with my cabinet for student government. We are have a brainstorming session this coming Monday, and I plan to take this concept into account when leading my team into our long-term projects. I want to hold myself accountable to defining a clear road-map and communicating my vision. I challenge you to hold yourself accountable on your own leadership journey. Like any chess or board game player, you are in control of your own pieces of the chess board in front of you.

Justin is a Senior at Silver Lake College, pursuing a degree in Business Management, and is currently in the leadership role of President of the College’s student government. He appeared on the radio show “Leadership the Way I See It”, being interviewed by best-selling author Alonzo Kelly, who has co-authored books with Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. “Follow” Justin to receive his insights on leadership, strategy, and organizational development.

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