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Are you behind the change management revolution?

Via Business Grapevine : The world of work is changing. Organisations need to adapt to this shifting landscape or risk falling into the emergent cracks and disappearing into the abyss. This is according to Andrew Mawson, MD of Advanced Workplace Associates. He explained to Executive Grapevine how indursty leaders need to act fast in order to embrace the world of change management.

“The management of change and development within a business requires confidence,” he explained.

“And the process of leading behavioural transformation and ensuring that staff remain engaged, beyond the physical walls of a workplace, is no easy feat. However, the following tips should help pave the way for those that are planning a workplace revolution.

“As the move from static to mobile working practices continues to be embraced by the knowledge industries, professionals need to change gear and unleash their inner workplace management gurus.”

Mawson offered us his top five tips for instigating effective and authentic change management – and embracing your inner strategist.

1. Be clear about what you’re trying to achieve

“Before you do anything, you need to build the case for change. This involves conducting initial research, clarifying priorities and, ultimately, figuring out what it is you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how it’s going to work.”

2. Talk to people

“Once you’ve built a blueprint for that change programme, based on evidence you’ve accumulated from talking to or surveying staff, you then need to have the necessary discussions with the board and with the wider team. What’s important from thereonin is that there’s a constant communication stream.”

3. Get everyone on-board

“Changing organisational behaviour requires quite an intense and in-depth level of engagement with those who are going to change. Before the wheels of change start turning, spend a bit of time educating (not patronising!) the masses to ensure everyone’s happy with the process. Conduct informal one-to-ones and use this open dialogue to strive for company-wide enlightenment.”

4. Help people deal with and embrace change

“Don’t expect to say ‘we now work in a flexible way’ and expect people to work in a flexible way. Effective change management takes more than words to implement. Even if people actively want to play a part in the transformation, most of us need guidance, support and encouragement when it comes to changing habits of a lifetime.”

5. Keep the momentum up

“Think of the long game. Change management is a bit like having kids; it takes at least 18 years of parenting to turn your child into a decent citizen! You need to check in with your staff on a regular basis and reinforce good behaviour along the way. Training and monitoring schemes can help in this pursuit. Take on a facilitation role and, most importantly, be the change you want to see.”

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