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Business Networking In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

via Forbes : Building and managing business network in the digital economy is a challenging task. With multiple communication channels, both conventional (e.g., phones) and new (e.g., social media), your contacts can become a real mess. As a result, both your productivity and your ability to build strong business relationships and leverage your network’s value suffer. Fortunately, new AI-powered tools for social media, contact management and networking solve most of these problems.

Staying On Top Of Your Business Contacts

One option to help you stay on top of your business relationships in the digital age is to use AI-enabled contact managers like Etch. Etch transforms your business network into a unified database that’s searchable and filterable through an easy-to-use interface. It intelligently enriches information about contacts adding their biography, skills, interests and achievements. It constructs a timeline for all historical interactions with your contacts which becomes a searchable interface. All these features turn your contacts into a rich dataset filled with insights — aligning business networking with the philosophy of big data and artificial intelligence.

Apart from personal use cases, industry giants like Salesforce are also enabling businesses to move faster and smarter with their own AI toolkits. Salesforce Einstein is enabling businesses to deliver smarter, personalized and predictive customer experiences on top of their existing data and accumulated insights.

Engaging Your Business Network And Grasping Trends

Identifying trends as early as possible helps you reach a wider audience and ensures better engagement with your content. There are highly specialized tools such as ForSight, by ChrimsonHexagon, that help uncover relevant stories more quickly, leading to better content creation decisions. Forsight uses machine learning to extract relevant information from trillions of posts happening across the internet. Feeding this data into advanced natural language algorithms, the system then learns what’s gaining traction across the internet and is able to identify people, companies, topics and complex relations within the unstructured mess of social media. More importantly, it is able to understand the sentiment behind those conversations. ForSight can also help track the performance of content on social media, which helps content creators evaluate the performance of their strategy overall.

Creating efficient content is not just about identifying trending topics, it’s also about producing content in a timely manner. The problem is that before a story is written, it might lose momentum because others have gotten there first. Fortunately, contemporary automatic story-tellers like Wordsmith by Automated Insights or Quill by Narrative Science can automate content generation by putting structured data into language templates. Automatic storytellers are the ticket to reaching a larger audience and creating more relevant content.

Meeting New Relevant People

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time and effort to reach a relevant person, especially if you are dealing with a well-known influencer. Even if you manage to get their email somehow, there is little chance that it won’t be lost amidst tons of other emails in his or her inbox. If that’s the case, how can AI really make a change? By adding some intelligence to your efforts.

AI-powered solutions like Hank turn meeting new relevant people into a science. In the first place, Hank improves email open rates and reduces bounce rates by finding the time when your recipient is the most active and when he/she tends to reply on social networks. Thereafter, based on this data, the AI assistant suggests the optimal time for sending your email. Hank can also help you craft targeted emails by learning what your contact has recently posted or shared on social media. You can spice your email up with these details showing that you really care. All these features do not guarantee a 100% success rate, but at least the chances that your email finds relevant people will dramatically increase.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of the professional networks such as Linkedin,” says Nazareth Qarbozian, a digital interviewer and rising star on the professional social media platform. “This is such a powerful tool since their new rollout; their algorithms have just gotten better and better where more people actually see your content if you have something great to say.”

Using Virtual Assistants

Scheduling meetings and communicating back and forth with clients, employees and investors is a real time-killer for business people. Virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana or Alexa are great in handling general-purpose tasks such as reading the news, but what about AI that will make your business communication easier?

Amy chatbot, which was developed by x.ai, may save you precious time. After receiving a request for a meeting, Amy will deal with scheduling, arranging the time and location via email, messenger or another channel. Another virtual assistant, Julie, will ditch all the busywork of booking train tickets, restaurants or flights. If you can’t attend a meeting due to some unexpected event, she will cancel or postpone your meeting and notify attendees about that.

These tips and AI tools should help you reinvigorate your business networking and make it more productive. Missing out on new AI tools for social media, contact management and networking will put you behind in the emerging age of automation.

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