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Voices What Accountants Need to Know About Blockchain


via AT : The phrases blockchain and artificial intelligence are mentioned so frequently in academic articles, practitioner publications and the general media landscape that they may have overshadowed the previous hot topic of data analytics. With all of the coverage, debate and questions surrounding these areas, it would be relatively easy to …

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Big four accounting firms push into legal services


Via Financial Review : The steady advance of big four accounting firms into legal services has caused unease within the legal fraternity and incited some law firms to consider re-directing work they would normally have referred to PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst&Young and KPMG to rival firms. “We’re serious about this,” EY’s head …

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Accountants: How To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

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Via LinkedIn : The biggest problem in the competitive world of accountancy is differentiating your service from the competitors around you. Every accountant will claim that they deliver a highly personal and professional level of service. Every single accountant out there will claim that they offer great value for money and …

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