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The Finance & Investment People to Watch in Augmented & Mixed Reality


Via Next Reality : The world of investment and finance can be labyrinthine in its very nature — and even more complicated in regards to augmented and mixed reality. While these new emergent technologies are teeming with explosive levels of unrealized potential, there’s still a big layer of uncertainty in terms …

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How Fintech Startups Are Transforming Retail Banking and Finance


Via PayBefore : Fintech startups around the world are designing a digital future by facilitating commerce that is centered on consumer choice and experience. In fact, in 2016 more than 1,500 of them applied to Mastercard Start Path Global—our effort to support later-stage startups that are reshaping the future of finance …

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Why Finance Brands Need to Inspire & Empower Millennials Now


Via AMA : For financial services brands, millennials are an increasingly important audience, but these digital natives are causing many marketers to rethink their strategies. While they are very savvy when it comes to technology, research suggests that millennials are behind the curve on planning for their financial futures and wary …

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