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Meet The Millennials Reinventing Retail And E-Commerce


Via Forbes : Meet The Millennials Reinventing Retail And E-Commerce Between them, they’ve raised millions of dollars in venture funding. They’ve built game-changing e-commerce platforms, apps, and bots. They’ve launched exciting new products across categories as varied as upscale denim, healthy pet food, and nontoxic lube. They’re pioneers of the subscription …

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GDEx set to ride on region’s booming e-commerce


Via The Star : GDEx set to ride on region’s booming e-commerce The booming e-commerce industry in the region is set to drive GD Express Carrier Bhd’s (GDEx) growth in the coming years. According to Kenanga Research, the strategically positioned package delivery services company can ride on the rising trend as …

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5 Ecommerce Content Marketing Trends for 2017


Via Practical Ecommerce : In 2017, content will continue to be one of the most important marketing tactics for ecommerce businesses. Look for content marketers to produce a greater number of videos, focus on mobile media consumption, spend more money promoting content, produce more shows rather than standalone posts, and use …

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Three Mobile Trends Boosting E-Commerce Holiday Sales


Via Forbes : When it comes to retail and e-commerce sales, we all know how important the upcoming holiday season is. But you may not be aware of how much mobile shopping now impacts those sales. When we launched GoDataFeed in 2007 to help retailers publish their digital catalogs across the …

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Ecommerce in Switzerland is worth €10.46 billion


Via ECommerce News : Ecommerce in Switzerland has increased by 21 percent last year. And during the last twelve months, the Swiss spent 11.2 billion Swiss Francs, or 10.46 billion euros, to buy products and services online. The average spending per person was 2.241 euros. These are the results Swiss ecommerce …

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What role do brands play in today’s world of eCommerce?


Via Marketing Tech : What role do brands play in today’s world of eCommerce? As commerce changes to conform to the new world of marketplaces and networks, brands are losing their steam. Historically, brand has been the primary way retailers differentiated themselves when products were very similar. Over time, customers’ habits …

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Time for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs


Via Huffington Post : Most people know that launching a business, especially online, has never been easier. However, few realize how true this is in the ecommerce space. Today there are fantastic resources available that allow for the relatively seamless development and maintenance of e-stores. In my experience, working only nights …

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Target and Lancome Produce Snapchat’s First Ecommerce Ads


Via Adweek : After slowly testing more interactive ads in recent months, Snapchat is open for ecommerce. Lancome and Target started running shoppable ads today within Cosmopolitan’s Discover channel—the hub of the app where media brands publish daily stories. Like Discover’s other ads, Lancome and Target’s promos appear between Cosmo’s articles …

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