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Quantitative Easing

How Quantitative Easing Changed the Markets and How to Weather Them


via The Market Mogul : The rise of asset classes such as private debt, or low-carbon strategies, and the development of asset allocation tools like absolute return investing, among others, owe part of their success to the development of multi-asset funds, exchange-traded funds and smart beta funds, that delivered high returns …

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The Unintended Consequences of Quantitative Easing


via bloomberg : Asset inflation doesn’t have to be bad. Flush governments could invest in education and infrastructure. Quantitative easing, which saw major central banks buying government bonds outright and quadrupling their balance sheets since 2008 to $15 trillion, has boosted asset prices across the board. That was the aim: to …

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ECB Can No Longer Duck the QE Question

quantitative easing explained

Via LinkedIn : WALL STREET JOURNAL Expectations High That ECB Will Start Buying Eurozone Government Bonds The European Central Bank’s date with destiny is fast approaching. With headline eurozone inflation running at negative 0.2% and expectations of future inflation sliding, the market’s belief that ECB President Mario Draghi will announce on …

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