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On The Art Of Startups, With Entrepreneur Steve Blank


Via Forbes : Columbia Senior Fellow for Entrepreneurship Steve Blank is a serial entrepreneur-turned-bestselling author and educator who has changed the way startups are built, how entrepreneurship is taught, and how big companies and the U.S. government innovate. A defining voice in modern entrepreneurship, Steve will be honored in January with …

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The rich keep getting richer — here are the billionaires who made the most billions in a single year


via Business Insider: Jeff Bezos made nearly $40 billion in a single year. REUTERS/Rex Curry Billionaires keep growing their billions. With a record number of billionaires around the world, we calculated just how much the world’s richest billionaires earned in a single year. According to our calculations, Bill Gates earned $4 …

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Angel Investors Appreciate These 5 Uncommon Things That Founders Do


via e27: Angels appreciate when the founders show they are able to listen and acknowledge feedback, recognise mistakes, and look to learn. In the startup ecosystem, there is a variety of resources available teaching founders how to fundraise. Some of these topics include the art of effective pitching and creating compelling …

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Develop A Business Plan That Propels Your Entrepreneurial Success

via Investor’s Business Daily: Entrepreneurs start with a dream. Turning it into reality requires a series of concrete, carefully crafted goals. To advance from an idea to a viable enterprise, you need a roadmap. A business plan provides that direction. It also offers a framework to follow through and a basis …

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