3 Trends the Tech Companies of 2016 Must Embrace to Succeed


Via Inc. : As entrepreneurs around the world are looking ahead toward 2016, it can be helpful to reflect on a few of the most interesting trends from 2015. This year has seen the Internet-of-Things (IoT) officially grow up, mobile enterprise deployments become the norm and cognitive systems and machine learning …

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7 Ways to Build Credibility, Trust and Character That Will Grow Your Business


Via Entrepreneur : In today’s marketplace, brands and products come and go at a supersonic speeds. An estimated 250,000 products are launched each year. These products have an average 85 to 95 percent failure rate. It’s a sobering statistic, but hardly surprising given our penchant for new and better, and the …

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4 Differences Between Solopreneurs and an Entrepreneur Working Alone


Via Entrepreneur : “Solopreneur” isn’t a brand-new term but it has definitely become more relevant in recent years. The word is easily interchanged with the word “entrepreneur,” but there are distinct differences. As an increasing number of professionals choose to start a business with no intention of ever adding staff, solopreneur …

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