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Running a business

How Starting And Running Your Own Business Is Exactly Like Competing In Professional Sports


via Forbes: As kids, we look up to athletes, fantasizing about being in their shoes, in all their moments of glory. But as we imagine them in all their greatness, what we don’t think about is the enormous amount of dedication, willpower and the unforeseen events that they had to overcome …

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Managing Your Anxiety Throughout The Rollercoaster Of Entrepreneurship

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Via Forbes : You’re finally ready to launch your product. Or maybe you’re going to meet that potential investor. Or perhaps someone from your team mixed up data pertaining to your most important client. Or you’re mulling over a difficult decision that you’ve been overthinking for too long. As an entrepreneur, …

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Relationship Between Customer Service Quality and Market Share


Via LinkedIn : What is the Relationship Between Customer Service Quality and Market Share? Today’s businesses are fiercely fighting to attract and keep their customers, whose attention is increasingly difficult to capture and even more difficult to hold on to. Consumers these days are faced with an overwhelming choice between similar …

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