Technology’s role in human resources management


Via Business World : “Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship… the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.” — Peter F. Drucker Technology has improved the business world many times over. Business processes were developed and organizations became more efficient. Communication and information technology is not …

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15 minutes with Standard Chartered Malaysia’s Rahmat Roslan Hashim


Via Human Resources : Rahmat Roslan Hashim, country head of human resources, Malaysia at Standard Chartered Bank identifies the skills and priorities today’s HR leaders need to focus on to make sure they are really adding value to their organisations. How did you get started with HR? After graduation, I started …

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Good HR Strategy Can Increase Employee Productivity


Via LinkedIn : Decreased business productivity may send some employers in search of a better HR strategy. While changes such as adjusting team members’ roles or switching up the work environment may cause employees to increase productivity, sometimes the events impacting efficiency are beyond a business’ control. Personal stress and wellness …

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