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Supply Chain Operation

5 Ways Blockchain Revolution Supports Supply Chain Evolution


via EBN : Many businesses know that supply chain management is vital to their success and can provide competitive advantages. During the last decades two transformations have swept through global supply chains. These new realities mean that the old ways of managing the supply chain simply can’t keep up. New supply …

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Why It’s Time to Reroute Urban Deliveries and Logistics


via Green Biz : Many cities around the world are sketching new roadmaps for moving citizens and commuters around streets and neighborhoods, driven in large part by concerns over unmanageable traffic congestion and vehicle emissions. Far fewer are actively addressing an equally serious issue, ensuring that goods freighted by delivery fleets …

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Report: 3PL innovation, partnerships of utmost importance to shippers


Via Supply Chain Dive : Dive Brief:- An intersection of innovation and increased dependency on 3PL parties indicates that supply chain CEOs expect that future breakthroughs in tech and processes will be driven by oursourced logistics services, according to a study conducted by Supply Chain Digest. Even with shippers placing the …

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Investment Analyst Shares Insight on Supply Chain E-Commerce Issues


Via Supply Chain Management Review : Complex, monolithic, back-end systems that take a year or more to deploy will leave retailers vulnerable, eroding profits and customer loyalty. Editor’s Note: Todd Miller is a principal at Sterling who focuses primarily on supply chain and logistics related investments. In this recent Q&A he …

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Using big data could alert us to risks in the food supply chain


Via The Guardian : Chocolate, coffee and other popular commodities face supply chain scares, but big data can help secure and improve farming yields around the world As shoppers, we’ve become used to the reliable presence of brands in supermarkets. The idea of food scarcity and disruption to supplies doesn’t come …

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4 ways retailers can improve supply chain management


Via CIO : Supply chain experts share their tips for tracking and expediting inventory in today’s ‘I-want-it-now,’ multichannel retail world. Retailers and their suppliers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver more goods to more destinations faster. To stay competitive, “retailers need to know where things are at all …

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Aligning Your Supply Chain Operations with Corporate Strategy

Supply Chain Operation

Via – LinkedIn : Aligning supply chain operation with corporate strategy – This concept is of great importance so that a firm’s supply chain does not become isolated with the rest of the operations. The supply chain should be integrated into the overall operations of the corporation. It is of …

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