Logistics: Quadpack tests rail transportation shipments via the Silk Route


Via Premium Beauty News : Quicker than sea and cheaper and with a lower environmental impact than air freight, is rail transportation the future of Asia-Europe trade? According to Quadpack, rail is now becoming a viable option for the beauty packaging sector, offering a host of benefits to cosmetics companies. To …

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New Cartonization Technology Reduces Shipping Costs


Via Logistics Viewpoints : Shippers surprised by unexpected dimensional weight fees The growth of eCommerce has put a premium on parcel carrier capacity. In response, UPS and FedEx have continued to lower the bar for when they will apply dimensional weight rating to cartons, which means more shippers will pay more …

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More logistics operators opt for better supply chain visibility via technology


Via The Loadstar : Big data is helping logistics companies increase shipment visibility. Logistics and rail wagon hire operator VTG Aktiengesellschaft and Faroe Islands’ Smyril Line Cargo have this week announced major roll-outs of telematics systems. Smyril Line Cargo is to install Globe Tracker’s two-way sensor system to its reefer fleet, …

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Global air cargo volumes remain flat, says IATA

Royal Air Force and civilian movement staff loading bagagge and freight and extra seating onto an C-17 from 901 EAW B Flt.

901 EAW B Flt provides a strategic Air transport Hub and Passenger Handling Facility to ensure the continuity of the 2nd Air Line Of Communication (ALOC), an integral part of the UK Strategic Airbridge in direct support of Operation HERRICK and Operation KIPION.

It is also plays a vital role in the transport of equipment on Operation SUNDERLAND, the sail-fly programme moving armoured vehicles into Theatre. In addition to operational traffic of C-17, C-130, BAE-146, charter aircraft, B Flt also supports a wide array of Coalition and exercise aircraft.

Photographer: Sergeant Ross Tilly RAF
Image 45153118.jpg from

Via Logistics Management : “The outlook for air cargo continues to be very difficult,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released data for global air freight markets showing that air cargo volumes rose just 0.5% in October compared to a year ago. Year-over-year …

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Reducing Supply Chain Costs With Better Transportation Logistics


Via Manufacturing Business Technology : Establishing an environment of end-to-end supply chain visibility leads to more efficient manufacturing, lower costs and fewer incidents of a mismatch between supply and demand. In implementing that visibility, companies look at everything from sourcing raw materials, to manufacturing, to supplying the sales channel with finished …

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What the Transportation Industry is Telling Us about the Economy Now

modes of transportation

Via Supply Chain Brain : “An army marches on its stomach,” Napoleon famously said. While the high-technology sector captures the headlines, the supply chain sector is responsible for the heavy lifting, behind the scenes. The books, clothing, and goods that we purchase are increasingly made in Asia or Mexico; transported through …

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