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Why Marketing To Millennials And Other Generations Is Pointless


Via Forbes : Generational labels amount to divisive, reductive stereotypes. You’ve heard them bandied about: Millennials are delusional, Gen Xers are cynical, baby boomers are digitally inept. Poor management and marketing decisions based on such stereotyping lead to misunderstandings, missed employment and commercial opportunities, and all the usual negative ramifications that …

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Why Marketing—Not Sales—Is the Best Sales Forecasting Engine


Via LinkedIn : Accelerating growth is every CMO’s most fundamental job. But smart marketing executives are now thinking beyond ways to merely drive growth and realizing they are also the best equipped people to forecast it. With the visibility and data available to marketers today, marketing departments are the ones able …

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The Marketing Genius Behind #StarbucksWeddings

starbucks history

Via Inc. : See how the leading coffee retailer managed to capture opportunity by paying attention to its customers’ more unusual social behaviors. Americans love Starbucks, but now the U.S. coffee giant is helping them love one another. Here is an example of a smart retailer that used social listening to …

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