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Marketing Campaign Plan

Four Ways To Personalize Your Next Marketing Campaign


Via Forbes : Four Ways To Personalize Your Next Marketing Campaign Everyone wants to feel special. No one yearns to get lost in the crowd or thrills at the sound of “customer 00014578.” That’s why personalized marketing campaigns have always performed better than their generic counterparts, which smell of mass production, …

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15 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Marketing Plan For The Holidays


via Forbes : The holidays are just around the corner, which means so is shopping season. With spending projected to reach $923.15 billion, according to an eMarketer report, getting in on the revenue share is a must for all businesses ahead of the holiday season. While the holidays are notoriously a …

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Adidas is the first major brand to use Twitter’s Group DM for marketing

adidas marketing strategy

Via Mashable : Well, that was quick. Less than two weeks after rolling out its Group Direct Messages, a marketer has jumped onto the platform. On Friday, Adidas started rewarding fans for their support of the brand’s #ThereWillBeHaters campaign by offering a private group conversation with some soccer stars on Twitter, …

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The Marketing Genius Behind #StarbucksWeddings

starbucks history

Via Inc. : See how the leading coffee retailer managed to capture opportunity by paying attention to its customers’ more unusual social behaviors. Americans love Starbucks, but now the U.S. coffee giant is helping them love one another. Here is an example of a smart retailer that used social listening to …

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