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Top Three Tips For Bridging The Gaps In Your Annual Marketing Plan


via Forbes: One of the most sought-after marketing initiatives is a steady public awareness drumbeat. Every marketing director wants to build one. However, there are roadblocks to establishing a consistent drumbeat, and the single largest one is that most companies typically only have three or four major announcements per year. It …

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How To Develop A Successful Marketing Strategy For A Startup


via Forbes : No matter how unique its technology or how revolutionary its business model, a startup will have difficulty surviving without a marketing strategy that centers around customer acquisition. Marketing is the vehicle that builds the brand’s image and drives messaging to customers and prospects in a relevant, relatable way, …

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15 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Marketing Plan For The Holidays


via Forbes : The holidays are just around the corner, which means so is shopping season. With spending projected to reach $923.15 billion, according to an eMarketer report, getting in on the revenue share is a must for all businesses ahead of the holiday season. While the holidays are notoriously a …

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