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America’s Stores Are Closing. Why Isn’t That Raising a Jobs Alarm?


via csmonitor : Situated just off Interstate 70 in Ohio’s Belmont County, between Pittsburgh and Columbus, the Ohio Valley Mall is well positioned for attracting drive-by shoppers and motorists in need of a pit stop. “We have a lot of people traveling through,” says Mark Thomas, the president of the county’s …

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Retail is experiencing ‘a perfect storm,’ analyst says


Via CNBC : Retailers are leveraged up when they need financial flexibility. Retail is undergoing — absolutely — a secular change. Despite the struggle facing brick-and-mortar retailers, the retail sector as a whole is actually growing, largely thanks to e-commerce. Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are experiencing a “perfect storm,” a Moody’s …

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RetailNext: Contrary to Gloomy Reports, Retail Stores Far from Dead


Via PR Newswire : [SAN JOSE, Calif.] Retailers continue to face growing challenges with the rise of online retailing. RetailNext Inc., the worldwide market leader in IoT smart store analytics for optimizing shopper experiences, has found that 2017 brick-and-mortar retail sales continue to experience significant decreases, according to the company’s …

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Whole Foods Modernizes Retail Management


Via RIS : Grocer Whole Foods Market and Infor, a $3 billion cloud company, announce a partnership aimed at revolutionizing the retail industry with a new, cloud-based retail management solution. This new software will enable retailers to operate faster and more efficiently while enhancing customer experience. Whole Foods will open up …

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Ultramodern Storefronts: 3 Ways Your Experience Will Change

ultramodern storefront

Via LinkedIn : Ultramodern Storefronts Marketing is one of several internal departments for any successful business, yet it’s the only department that has any meaningful interaction with us, the customers. The most important advancements in marketing today are not focused on which product is being made, but rather how the product’s …

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4 Tools That Can Help Retailers Future-Proof Their Stores


Via LinkedIn : Brick-and-mortar retail has been getting a lot of love and attention lately. Contrary to previous claims that the death of physical shops is imminent, it looks like offline storefronts are still going strong. Warby Parker, for instance, is reportedly earning major revenues from its brick-and-mortar branches, raking …

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