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Empowering Human Resources & Talent Acquisition With Creative HR Analytics

Via LinkedIn : Much has been studied and written on best practices for recruiting and selecting executive talent. There are also a wealth of tools available to those charged with talent acquisition – online resources, applicant tracking systems and software to provide metrics on ROI. Candidates are carefully screened and vetted, interviews conducted, in some cases assessments are required before a hiring decision is made. But, in spite of all of this, a 2015 white paper on The Search for Executive Talent prepared by the SHRM Foundation reports that failure rates for senior executives continue to rise. So where is the disconnect?

The answer lies in the Due Diligence Imbalance (DDI) that puts employers’ hiring teams at a distinct disadvantage and the lack of resources available to Human Resources to provide appropriate support and guidance. What’s lacking is innovative applications of HR Analytics whether in-sourced or thru trusted third parties.

First, employers must obtain and analyze the same due diligence data that candidates obtain and bring with them when they meet interview panelists. Keep in mind that candidates have a vast level of presumptions about an employer all driven by publicly available information about the organization, its people, the specific executives on the hiring panel, as well as business units or functional hiring teams.

Then, HR and TA must reclaim their lead role in analyzing their internal organization’s branding performance.

This process will empower HR and TA to play a key role with their internal clients, help support organizational goals and be seen as taking a more active, strategic role by their CEOs.

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