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How HR can create value from ‘outside-in’

Via Human Resources : Exactly what unique insights and analytics does HR bring to the business strategy discussion? And how can HR directly contribute to the growth and revenue potential of an organisation effectively?

Those were some of the questions addressed by Professor Dr. Dave Ulrich, who led a workshop organised by K-Pintar entitled, The Next New Thing: How HR Creates Value from Outside In, with the support of the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).

Held at The Majestic Hotel, the full-day seminar-workshop was the first of K-Pintar’s newly launched Executive Development Series, and included HR leaders from firms such as Bank Negara Malaysia, Khazanah Nasional, DiGi Telecommunications, and many more.

The one-day programme expounded on how the role of HR in an organisation has progressed from the administrative focus, to a more strategic and tactical effort, and provided insights on the how-to’s in developing an HR practice from the “outside-in” perspective.

“Any business leader needs to think seriously about how to attract, retain and motivate the right employees so that they find meaning from their work and remain productive,” shared Ulrich.

“But even more, the leaders need to create an organisation culture that influences how employees think and act. With an outside-in mindset, the company starts by defining what his or her firm is known for by key customers, then turns that external identity or brand into internal mindset and actions.”

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