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HR manager is among the safest jobs of 2015

Via Human Resources : Being in human resources definitely has its perks, especially if safety is your priority.

According to a new CareerCast report, human resources manager is the fifth safest job this year.

The occupation was found to offer an annual median wage of US$99,720 and a 13% projected growth by 2022.

If you seek even more safety, you might want to consider being an accountant.

According to the report, though the annual median wage of accountants (US$63,550) is not as high, it is the safest job of 2015 with a 13% projected growth by 2022.

Following closely behind, actuary (US$93,680, 26%) was the second safest job while executive assistant (US$51,270, 17%) came in third.

Historian (US$52,480, 6%) ranks fourth in the safest jobs list.

On the other hand, airline pilot was found to be the most dangerous job of 2015, with an annual median wage of US$98,410 and a -1% projected growth by 2022.

Surprisingly, animal care worker, with the lowest annual median wage of US$19,970 and a projected growth of 15% is the second most dangerous job in 2015.

Construction labourer (US$29,160, 25%) and emergency medical technician (US$31,020, 23%) are third and fourth most dangerous respectively.

While enlisted military personnel (US$21,664) ranked fifth on the list.

Here’s the full list:

Least dangerous jobs (annual median wage, projected growth by 2022):

Accountant (US$63,550, 13%)
Actuary (US$93,680, 26%)
Executive assistant (US$51,270, 17%)
Historian (US$52,480, 6%)
Human resources manager (US$99,720, 13%)
Mathematician (US$101,360, 23%)
Medical records technician (US$34,160, 22%)
Recreation worker (US$22,240, 14%)
Statistician (US$75,560, 27%)
Technical writer (US$65,500, 15%)

Most dangerous jobs (annual median wage, projected growth by 2022):

Airline pilot (US$98,410, -1%)
Animal care worker (US$19,970, 15%)
Construction labourer (US$29,160, 25%)
Emergency medical technician (US$31,020, 23%)
Enlisted military personnel (private first class E-2, U.S. Army) (US$21,664, N/A)
Firefighter (US$45,250, 7% )
Heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver (US$38,200, 11%)
Lumberjack/logger (US$33,630, -9%)
Parole/corrections officer (US$48,190, -1%)
Police officer (US$56,980, 5%)

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