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Integrate Mobile Into Your Marketing Plan

Via JOSIC : With the ever-increasing number of smartphones entering the market place on daily basis & with the new algorithm that Google introduced earlier this year; Integrating mobile into the marketing mix is not a luxury anymore.

There are many tools to use in integrating mobile into your marketing campaigns – To start with, a mobile optimized site is a must, the new and improved SMS Marketing tools, QR Code and NFC, as well as Mobile Digital Wallet marketing. Each of these can be used independently but work well as part of an integrated campaign.

Mobile Optimized Websites

We view the world differently, through the screens of mobile devices. It is imperative that you plan for your mobile site first and foremost which will allow your prospects to find you online.

Consumers are frequently accused with promotions, deals, and various marketing messages. That’s why it’s important for potential prospects to have an exceptional user experience. A mobile website will have improved functionality, usability and speedy loading times.

SMS Marketing

Short Messaging Service has proven its here to stay for many years and is probably the only way businesses know how to reach their prospects on their mobile screens. SMS marketing can be used in a number of ways: to send out bulk messages, by street name, location-based, filter by gender, mobile type or even bill amount. Great care has to be given to the message – make very good use of those 160 characters – as well as timing & frequency.

QR Code and NFC Marketing

These are codes and small programmable chips provide a seamless link between and offline mobile advertising. QR Codes can be printed everywhere (flyers, newspaper and magazine ads, business cards, posters, can also be included in emails to encourage more people to scan them posted on social media or etc.) and NFC tags can be added to these mediums as Well (except for online media). This provides your offline advertising media with a modern and interactive feel. When NFC tags are tapped, the user will be directed to specific content or encrypted to download a virtual business card or a discount coupon.

Tap-to-call, tap-to-map, visit social media property, mobile payments / stores (coming soon to Egypt), text boxes, image boxes and a lot more are available features for mobile optimized websites. Important note: mobile websites can compete with mobile web apps (or any native app) on functionality, availability and price.

Mobile Digital Wallet Marketing

It’s important to provide your existing customers with incentives to continue using your product or services. Mobile Digital Wallet Loyalty programs allow the business owner to provide these incentives directly to their mobile lock-screen. Are you looking to reach consumers and entice them to visit your establishment? Start the mobile wallet program with portfolio based solutions for your customer to instantly get a relevant and engaging message that will generate positive ROI.

Each of these techniques can be utilized independently quite well, yet the power of integrating them all (or some) in a mobile-driven marketing plan is simply a necessity.

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