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Malaysian Students Study Abroad Trip to Yeungjin College

Via : Asia News Agency Reporter – Park Jong Yul

Heritage Site Visit in Gyungju City
National Museum Bulguksa – Heritage Site Visit in Gyungju City

The commemorative photo taken in front of the Yeungjin College between TAR UC International Business students and Yeungjin College Staff (Photo courtesy of Yeungjin College)

“In search for the origin of Hallyu (Korean Wave)”

The Malaysian university students toured Daegu to explore the origin of Korean Wave and visited historical and cultural places, and also business enterprises to learn about Korea.

24 April 2015. According to the Yeungjin College spokesperson, a total of 28 students and 3 staff members from Malaysia TAR UC International Business programme visited Yeungjin College on 19 April. Until 26 April, they attended a series of lectures on the development of the Korean economy, visited a global enterprise manufacturer, Daegu Alley and Gyeongju Museum to learn about the Korean history and culture.

The students showed a keen interest to learn about the Korean culture when they can easily and effortlessly talked about ‘chimeak’ and ‘gae kon’

Chimaek – chicken and beer, Gae kon- Gag concert

On April 19, the first day of their trip here, the students toured the Daegu Alley which has been listed in the 100 places of Korea “must-see” tourist attractions. At the Yakjeon Alley, they visited the Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine and were introduced to oriental medicinal herbs and experienced wearing the Hanbok (Korea’s traditional dress).

For 3 days from April 20, the students learned about the Korean language, history of Korea’s economic development, the country’s skills programme for non-Korean community, financial accounting, etc. During their visit to Seomun market, students tried the taste of Tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake) and Hotteok (pancake) and fell for the friendly and warm atmosphere of its traditional market place.

  • National Museum, Bulguksa

Malaysia’s TAR UC International Business students listening to the explanation from their translator cum tour guide during their visit to Gyeongju Yangdong Village on April 23 (Photo courtesy of Yeungjin College)

They also visited LG Electronics at Gumi, Park Chung Hee Memorial Hall and Gyeongju National Museum. They were also given the opportunity to visit the POSCO and Hyundai Motors where the economic development of Korea began.

In Seoul, for 3 days from 24 April the students visited Insadong Street, Gyeongbokgung Palace etc., to learn and experience our rich history and culture.

Chew Vivien (22, Financial Accounting student) said that “Through the Daegu Alley Tour I learned about the Korean history and culture, and I had a memorable time because I could experience Spring, one of the 4 seasons when I gazed at the beautiful cherry blossoms in downtown Deagu (city).”

 The person in charge, Johan Lim Kii Geat (35), the Associate Dean of Business Management Division said that “Even though the participation of students for this study trip programme was through an advertisement, the selected students were all very keen and eager about this trip. It was good for the students to experience the Korean culture and participated in the field trips to Korea’s Global Companies. Korean people gave me the impression that they are very kind and helpful people.”

Currently, there are 254 students from China, Japan, South East Asian countries and Eastern Europe studying in Yeungjin College.