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‘Managing Change’ is a Core Competency

Via LinkedIn : There was a time – not so long ago – when the need for Change in our organizations only came every now and then. The truth is that one could see it (the Change) coming, one could adapt to it, one could tweak one’s model to remain competitive and one could get rid of the dead weight to stay in the race. Back then things were predictable and, to some extent, easier…

That process of ‘managing Change’ typically came from the ‘experts’. Of course there are many reasons as per why we heavily relied on the ‘experts’ but I’ll here just name the two most obvious ones. First and foremost, the expert knows better. The cold truth is this; by outsourcing the job to the experts a.k.a. the men in black (MiB) a typical leader in a troubled organization would essentially cover her/his back. Needless to underline that the externalization of responsibility comes with a hefty price tag – an insurance of sorts. The second obvious reason is that to deliver bad news, naturally, the MiB are better suited.

We too used to have black suits – until we realized… that the heydays were numbered. And here is why:

Back then, as we just saw, the need for Change was cyclical. Today, things are different because Change is the only constant. This has tremendous implications for The Organization. This means that from now on Change is something one must be extremely confortable with – both as an employee and as a leader. Change must be embraced consistently and systematically. The natural consequence of this is that ‘leading Change’ has become a core competency and like all core competencies; it ought to stay in-house.

In other words, ‘Change Management’, Strategy Execution, Implementation or whatever sophisticated name typically associated with the process can no longer be outsourced to the MiB, it must be weaved into one’s DNA, it must be part of “the way we do things over here”.

But of course, with time being the number one limiting factor, and with fun being a key component to engaging the modern workforce, yesterday’s recipes are no longer valid. It is not about top-down only, it is not about the preachers who hold the truth and the populace. Actually, it is the complete opposite. And if one adds to that our tech-inclination, our search for unlocking more value, and the forever requirement for leaner, flatter and more responsive organizations, one quickly sees that these processes needed to support Change must happen online. But that is obvious enough! What is less obvious is that the MiB have not been displaced by the new rules – rather the contrary. At challengera.com we are supporting many experts in doing their work better and faster to ultimately add greater value to their clients.

We believe that since ‘Change’ is a prerequisite to survival. To manage Change should no longer be reserved to the elite: It should indeed be an option for every organization out there, small and large, recognized or not. At challengera.com, we are on a mission to democratize Change.

We are making ‘Change Management’ easy and accessible. Join the movement and help us help more organizations change faster.


Arnaud Henneville is an executive director at challengera.com where he leads business development and implementation of Challengera’s solutions for globally recognized corporations. Amongst Challengera’s clients are global companies such as GE Healthcare, Atlas Copco, UPM-Kymmene. These firms work with Challengera.com to develop high-performing teams & organizations.

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