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Need a Good Bookkeeper? What you should & need to know.

Via LinkedIn : Being a Bookkeeper is no walk in the park. Though it is considered a step down from being an Accountant, this profession is essential.

Your bookkeeper must be organized. The bookkeeper must have readily available source documents at all times. Be certain the bookkeeper has an audit trail for every transaction that is posted. The bookkeeper’s software must be up-to-date at all times. The reports received are very detailed & give the information needed to perform tasks. This enables the bookkeeper to reconcile all bank statements, credit card statements & vendor transactions at the end of each month.

Also, know that your bookkeeper practices superb document retention. At least seven years of any client’s transaction history is to be kept on file, confidentially. Lastly, your bookkeeper must file all CRA remittances ON TIME. This includes payroll, HST, & corporate taxes &/or installments going forward. By following these practices, there will always be a plan in place for when cash flow gets tight for any client.


  1. Security – Ask the potential bookkeeper about their security measures. You need to know that your financial information is secure.
  2. Technology – E-File Sharing, PDF Emailing, Remote Desktop Connections, & Quickbooks Online are what your bookkeeper should have. Be sure the bookkeeper you hire knows how to use these tools & takes advantage of them for you even if you’re not tech savvy.
  3. Business Model – Know how long your potential bookkeeper has been in business. Hire someone you know that is professional, with continuity.
  4. Experience – There are various ranges of bookkeeper skills. Be sure the potential bookkeeper is experienced with your type of company. Knowledge of job costing for a contractor or state mandates for non-profit are things you should inquire about & expect of your bookkeeper.
  5. References – A reputable bookkeeper will have clients who are willing to create refferals for them. Word of mouth is vital.

I hope these tips will help you discern who should & would be a good bookkeeper for you.

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