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The New Age of Marketing

Via LinkedIn : The days of telling consumers how good you are as a brand are long gone. In the new age of marketing, companies become what their customers say they are. The information age provides us with choices at our fingertips with smartphones and tablets giving consumers a voice on what’s relevant, trendy, essential and needed for their lives. The average consumer does 10-11 web searches before making purchases on general items. Mobile phone searches make up 20% of all internet searches. Knowing that 1 in 5 internet searches are done through mobile devices, highlights the fact that a strategy mobile apps are essential. This paradigm shift opens new opportunities for the companies willing to engage their customers and give their target audiences what they want.

As a Professor, I often ask my classes what has changed in marketing in the past 20 years. Often, my class mentions the internet, which is true, but there is a deeper change as of recent. In the past, the authoritarian model ruled the marketing world. If someone in authority (Athlete, Politician, Actor/Actress and etc.) say it’s cool, it must be. Think of the Wheaties commercials with top Athletes of the time like Bruce Jenner endorsing the cereal. If Bruce Jenner says it’s cool, it must be, right? Today that model just does not work. We all have influence on the products that we buy and often create the trends others follow. This peer-to-peer process causes marketers to find new ways to engage their consumers where their are. A friend of mine recently bought a Tesla and placed detailed pictures highlighting its best features on Facebook. The post showed his friends that the Tesla is a fun and exciting car and received a great deal of likes. He was not trying to advertise the car for Tesla, but inadvertently that is what he did. His enthusiasm and excitement caught the attention of many, making others think should I get one. This is why we see the largest brands engage with consumers by sending tweets or creating new hashtags. They realize that one person’s post or retweet is the cheapest and best advertising today.

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