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Optimizing One Crucial Element to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Via LinkedIn : Your retail website is your digital storefront. We hear this all the time, but we rarely consider how difficult online shopping still is these days.

Imagine investing your budget and time on marketing that drives customers to a brick and mortar store. Once they arrive, they encounter a frustrating maze of options: a dozen sales promotions, heaps of items they don’t care about, and a checkout process that’s like an endurance test. They run right for the exits.

Countless ecommerce websites still do this very thing, but there’s a solution.

Conversion optimization provides a better way to help you turn more browsers into buyers, increase sales and keep satisfied customers coming back.

Getting Started with Ecommerce Optimization

Instead of relentlessly focusing on traffic generation and SEO, optimizing your site for increased conversions helps you exponentially increase revenue and results from the same amount of traffic – in turn, maximizing your digital ad spend.

Optimization can seem overwhelming, like staring up at a mountain when you’ve never trained to climb. The first questions most marketers face: “With so many options, where do we start? What should we test first?”

While the best answer will be different for every organization, every site can benefit from optimizing and clarifying the value proposition.

The benefit of testing and refining your value proposition is that it can make a significant impact without a laborious site redesign. This also makes it an ideal starting point for conversion optimization testing, if you’re new to the process or have a lean team.

How to Refine Your Value Proposition for Testing

Put yourself in your ideal customer’s place and take a hard look at how well your site’s value proposition is expressed.

Does your site concisely answer these questions: Why should I buy from you instead of your competitors? What’s the one area in which you excel that your rivals can’t match, and that your customers truly care about?

Next, examine how you express this value proposition across your top traffic channels, from email, ads and social media to post-purchase email messaging and customer support.

Your value proposition needs to be clear and consistent, and stay lodged in your customer’s mind throughout the buying process and post-purchase touches.

Use this a starting point to increase results from the traffic you’re already getting, and it will lead you into other areas to test. You don’t need to try and scale the entire optimization mountain at once, but this approach will help get you up to base camp, where you can prepare your next moves.

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