Next Generation Talent Versus Legacy Accountants


Via Accounting Web : Next Generation Talent Versus Legacy Accountants There’s no question accountancy has seen a vast amount of change in the past few centuries, and in more recent history, a once paper-intensive profession is now having its full potential realized thanks to cloud computing. This, however, has formed a …

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Why is an HR manager important?


Via The Indian Express : Work force management: Why is an HR manager important? The management of the employees and setting of the right tone at work makes the role of an HR manager unwavering. The introduction of a competitive advantage in an organization fosters an ambience of innovative and creative …

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New refill technology could halve waste at retail


Via Fruit Net : Technology that automates shelf refill decisions will benefit grocery retailers by replacing ‘gut feel’ replenishment in stores Situations where produce is unavailable for customers or wasted as surplus could be cut by up to 50 per cent by using automated technology. Cloud software company Blue Yonder has …

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Navigating the 3 Great Challenges of Entrepreneurship


Via Entrepreneur : How you navigate in the trenches of business will determine your success. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. While many romanticize the idea, the path to success is less idyllic. It’s true. Passion is critical, but there are other, equally important factors to consider. Perseverance, for …

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5 Ecommerce Content Marketing Trends for 2017


Via Practical Ecommerce : In 2017, content will continue to be one of the most important marketing tactics for ecommerce businesses. Look for content marketers to produce a greater number of videos, focus on mobile media consumption, spend more money promoting content, produce more shows rather than standalone posts, and use …

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