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How to capture the benefits of Chinese investment


Via AFR : Chinese investment has increased from virtually zero to becoming Australia’s fifth-largest source of foreign direct investment over the past decade. Chinese investment has grown with the spectacular rise of the Chinese economy, and is just the latest wave of Asian foreign investment to chase commercial opportunities in Australia, …

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Empowering Human Resources & Talent Acquisition With Creative HR Analytics


Via LinkedIn : Much has been studied and written on best practices for recruiting and selecting executive talent. There are also a wealth of tools available to those charged with talent acquisition – online resources, applicant tracking systems and software to provide metrics on ROI. Candidates are carefully screened and vetted, …

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Customer data is the next banking battlefield


Via Financial Review : It’s a battle set to define the parameters of financial services competition in Australia’s new “agile”, “innovative” economy: control of digital customer transaction account data. The adversaries are the banking oligopoly and disruptive fintech start-ups. Their positions are ideologically opposed. Banks believe deeply that they own the …

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