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How Entrepreneurs Can Turn $100 (or Less) Into $100,000 (or More)


Via All Business : You can’t just make a wish, blow on a seeded dandelion, and expect your business to grow. That’s what I usually tell entrepreneurs launching their first business, and the advice typically follows a protest about my fees for personal and corporate branding. My advice is sound—businesses don’t …

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3 Trends the Tech Companies of 2016 Must Embrace to Succeed


Via Inc. : As entrepreneurs around the world are looking ahead toward 2016, it can be helpful to reflect on a few of the most interesting trends from 2015. This year has seen the Internet-of-Things (IoT) officially grow up, mobile enterprise deployments become the norm and cognitive systems and machine learning …

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Sizing up the Asia Pacific’s booming alternative finance sector

A vendor selling flowers hands over change to a customer in Kunming, Yunnan province, August 19, 2015. China's currency devaluation should give a shot in the arm to global foreign exchange volumes as traders take advantage of and protect themselves against the surprise surge in volatility, but its longer-term impact on market activity may not be so benign. REUTERS/Wong Campion - RTX1OQOI

Via The Conversation : If digital disruptors like crowd-sourced equity funding and peer-to-peer lending platforms are going to transform the finance sector, they need to be regulated. If they are going to create permanent positive change, they need to be regulated intelligently. But so far, the ability of regulators and industry …

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