Three Mobile Trends Boosting E-Commerce Holiday Sales


Via Forbes : When it comes to retail and e-commerce sales, we all know how important the upcoming holiday season is. But you may not be aware of how much mobile shopping now impacts those sales. When we launched GoDataFeed in 2007 to help retailers publish their digital catalogs across the …

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Citi’s Australian bank branches go cashless


Via The Sydney Morning Herald : Citi’s Australian bank branches go cashless Citi is removing cash from its Australian bank branches, because it is no longer worth offering a service that is used by less than one in twenty customers. As consumers embrace digital banking and the role of cash dwindles, …

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7 Highest Paying Countries for Accountants


Via Insider Monkey : Accounting can be a great career choice for anyone looking for stability and opportunities for constant professional advancement, especially in these 7 highest paying countries for accountants. It is usually perceived as a boring and monotonous profession by those who are looking from the outside. Accountants are …

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Ecommerce in Switzerland is worth €10.46 billion


Via ECommerce News : Ecommerce in Switzerland has increased by 21 percent last year. And during the last twelve months, the Swiss spent 11.2 billion Swiss Francs, or 10.46 billion euros, to buy products and services online. The average spending per person was 2.241 euros. These are the results Swiss ecommerce …

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Why Surging Stocks May Not Mean the Economy Trusts Trump


Via The New York Times : The early stock market reaction to Donald J. Trump’s election victory was overwhelmingly positive. But that doesn’t mean a Trump presidency will be good for the economy. Stock markets often serve as an economic scoreboard: Increasing stock prices are equated with economic victory. But these …

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What it Takes to be a Social Entrepreneur


Via B2C : Two months ago, I explained how you can start a social business. Social business is a strategy to solve a social problem with your company without depending on donations, which makes a social business fall in the middle on the for-profit and non-profit scale. A social business requires …

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Rise of the ‘Urbanpreneur’


Via Citylab : How the internet ushered in a new era for entrepreneurs in the urban ecosystem. For years we’ve heard that geography doesn’t matter, we’ve conquered distance and the world is flat. Modern communication and transportation technology means it doesn’t really matter where we live or work. Even with the …

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