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PwC-ACCA STAR Programme

PwC-ACCA STAR Programme Continues With “Impressions Session”

Another segment of the PwC-ACCA STAR Programme, a collaborative programme with PricewaterhouseCoopers (‘PwC’) and The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (‘ACCA’), took place on 27 July 2012. The segment called “Impressions Session” was a continuation of a series of workshops held for 30 selected students from the Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting).

PwC-ACCA STAR Programme
PwC-ACCA STAR Programme

In this session, students were taught on the importance of etiquette and proper dressing in the workplace, how to present oneself and dining etiquette.

The speaker, Ms Monsy Siew who is the Head of Human Resource at PwC, gave very useful advice on how to create a good impression, how to dress according to body shape and what to wear versus what not to wear at work. She proceeded to talk about basic social etiquette in a corporate setting such as punctuality and also how to conduct a good social conversation. Monsy also touched on the subject of personal grooming and what one should do to keep themselves looking presentable.

In the second part of the segment, the group proceeded to the Training Restaurant, which is run by the School of Social Science and Humanities, to learn dining etiquette in a real-life set up. Again, Monsy gave very useful tips, this time on remembering the proper placement of cutleries, bread and drink. There was a special demonstration table with a full set of western cutlery and also a complete Chinese set where Monsy demonstrated the use of the cutleries during a meal. The students had the opportunity to use these new skills when they were served lunch in the restaurant. The entire session proved to be fruitful and was thoroughly enjoyed by the group seeking to improve themselves in this area.

Apart from excellence in the academic aspect, having the skills of social etiquette will add value to the students’ future employers. TAR College believes in equipping applicable and purposeful knowledge to students in order to give them a head start in the competitive job market.

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