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Is the Small Business Model Dying?

Via LinkedIn : Is the Small Business Model Dying? NO, The Model is Simply Changing.

Less than 10% of Americans are pursuing one of the greatest freedoms we have:
The ability to be our own bosses.

Statistics like this could imply the majority of us would rather work for someone else. But, we know that’s not true! A recent Gallup poll shows 70%+ of Americans don’t like their jobs. In fact, plenty of studies over the last 10 years support the rising rate of employee dissatisfaction.The number one reason given? Employees don’t like their manager. But, could it be that no manager will ever be good enough and the real problem lies in people not stepping up to business ownership?

Is the death of small business to blame?
We know part of the problem lies with the rapid growth of mega-stores like Wal-mart and other large companies that crushed local businesses, i.e. “mom and pop” hardware stores couldn’t compete with the Home Depot and Lowe’s down the road.

But, is that really the only reason? I don’t think so. We actually all own small businesses…
There are no “employees” anymore. Gone are the days of working for one company for a lifetime. Every job is temporary and you are a business-of-one that chooses to work with one customer at at time. Today, even if you stay at a company for 20 years (which is highly unlikely), you will have many different jobs there. With each new job, you have to sell your services. More importantly, with the exception of unions, the majority of us are at-will employees, meaning the employer can fire us at any time. What we often forget is at-will employment works both ways. You can fire the employer by quitting at any time – we just don’t do it because we need the paycheck.

A “business ownership” mindset is the only thing that can stabilize your future.
Besides needing the steady income being an employee provides, many people will argue starting a business is risky – with good reason. But, focusing on finding financial security in the form of a full-time, long-term job with a company is just as risky because it no longer exists.

For all those people dissatisfied in their careers, there are now three choices:

1) Take back full ownership of your business-of-one. Build up your service offerings, do your market research to find out what you’re worth, and create a proactive, on-going marketing campaign to connect with people working at companies you want to sell your services to. Don’t know how to do that? Take courses and learn to sell your business-of-one effectively. Your future financial security (and happiness) depends on it.

2) Start or buy a business. This one is a bit tougher since 75% of start-ups fail. However, you can diminish the risk to some degree if you can afford to buy an existing business or a franchise. You could also decide to be an independent contractor and freelance. You just have to decide if you have the ability to manage yourself successfully. If not, then the first option may be better for you.Small Business is not dying.

3) Lastly accept the new reality that the small business model is changing.

Networking is now the catalyst, slowly transforming, evolving the small business model and providing people with a simpler approach. With another industry in the midst of deregulation, the largest shift of wealth ever to happen has provided a business model with so simple a formula ( 5 – 2 – 6 ) each and every entrepreneur minded person can truly capitalize in achieving their own definition of financial freedom.

We need to welcome and embrace this revival and openly share the vision of the future. The transformation has begun and is wide open to those who are willing to follow the path.Only question is: Are YOU in?

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