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The rich keep getting richer — here are the billionaires who made the most billions in a single year


via Business Insider: Jeff Bezos made nearly $40 billion in a single year. REUTERS/Rex Curry Billionaires keep growing their billions. With a record number of billionaires around the world, we calculated just how much the world’s richest billionaires earned in a single year. According to our calculations, Bill Gates earned $4 …

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Jeff Bezos Was the World’s Richest Man for Less Than Four Hours


via Vanity Fair : After briefly dethroning Microsoft zillionaire Bill Gates to become the world’s richest man last week, Jeff Bezos has settled back into third place on Forbes’s list of billionaires. On Thursday, the 53-year-old Amazon founder and C.E.O. found himself atop the list of the richest individuals in the …

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