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The Human Resource Trifecta

Via LinkedIn : Many think of Human Resources as rules, regulations, what you HAVE to do and what you CANNOT do. Sad, but mostly true. I am here to affirm that there are poor HR professionals, just like there are poor doctors, poor teachers, poor managers and poor employees. I am also here to affirm that there are GREAT HR professionals, like there are great people in every profession.

Human Resources protects and helps businesses just like they support employees. And I think there should be three main themes that HR professionals focus on for the benefit of companies and employees. I call it the TRIFECTA of HR: People, Policies and Productivity.

People, employees, team members, whatever you want to call them, they ARE the company. They are what drives it, who meets the goals, who leads and everything in between. We have heard many say that people are “a company’s most valuable resource.” Although it seems that some companies don’t treat them as such. It also may be that some companies had more than their share of those who were not really that valuable resource. There are poor employees, like there are poor managers. But people are still the #1 component of a successful business. In order to get there, the business must hire better, train better, and reward better to retain the best people.

So we have the #1 component of people, but those people must have Policies. Policies are derived from the company’s ethics, values and mission statement. Besides avoiding total corporate chaos, policies keep people within the laws that govern the companies. Policies keep people from going in 100 directions at once. Policies provide the direction for every department, manager and employee. Policies are the glue that hold the company and its people together heading in one direction.

Can we now say People + Policies = Productivity? Consider these equations:

GREAT People + GREAT Policies = GREAT Productivity

GOOD People + GOOD Policies = GOOD Productivity

POOR People + POOR Policies = POOR Productivity

Of course, there can be good people, good policies to equal poor productivity. And really the combinations are almost endless. Yet the goal would be for the whole HR trifecta to be GREAT. The steps to make the best happen should include:

  • Acquire, train, empower, encourage the right GREAT people. This of course includes great recruiting policies, great manager training and great HR department.
  • From the Boardroom to the HR department, a company must develop and enforce GREAT policies and procedures. It is not good enough to have them on paper, they must be in the blood of the company and permeated through Human Resources and leaders.
  • The best and most successful companies have metrics and analysis to constantly measure and improve productivity. If widget A is failing or not moving quickly enough, there is a production failure of some type. It must be evaluated and fixed quickly by people and policies/procedures.

My opinion is that great Human Resources directly impacts the best companies to work for with the best employees. And then they are most suited for the HR Trifecta of

The Best People with the Best Policies create the Best Productivity. And that equation leads to the Best Companies.

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