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Up close and personal with Bong Yang, TAR University College’s alumnus

TAR University College’s alumnus
Bong Yang, a proud TARCian who values his alma mater very much.

Known for his active participation in co-curricular activities, strong communication skills in the English language and having a character of humility and politeness, Bong Yang is no stranger among the community of TAR University College. Bong Yang completed his Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Management Accounting) at TAR University College before furthering his studies in Masters in Accountancy & Finance at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom. Upon completion of his Masters’ programme, he joined Birmingham City University as a Marketing/Communication Assistant before being promoted to his current role as the International Regional Manager. He recently visited TAR University College on 25 February 2016 and was delighted to share with us his experience and journey as a student and staff of TAR University College in an exclusive interview.

What is your current job scope at Birmingham City University?

As the International Regional Manager for the UK region, I am responsible for setting and developing marketing strategies to attract UK-based international students to study at Birmingham City University. As such, my work requires me to travel the length and breadth of UK to meet up with international students and agents in order to build a good network between the university and all these stakeholders. I am also responsible to identify strategic partnerships for the recruitment of international students.

Why did you choose to pursue your tertiary education at TAR University College?

I chose to study at TAR University College because of its quality and affordable education. Not many institutions of higher learning can attest that they provide quality education at a very affordable rate. And being one of Malaysia’s premier higher learning institutions with an excellent academic track record, I can’t go wrong in choosing TAR University College for my studies and I am very glad of the decision I made.

What are the significant things you had learnt as a TAR University College student which is of value to you in your work and life?

I have to say that my active participation in the various co-curricular activities at TAR University College dispensed valuable lessons to me. Firstly, holding leadership positions in societies such as the Student Welfare Committee, Photography Society and Christian Fellowship Society has certainly taught me about the qualities of a good leader. Besides this, organising a variety of events has taught me a lot about teamwork and helped improve my interpersonal and communication skills with other students. I was also exposed to emceeing for many important events at TAR University College and this had built my confidence in communicating in the English language.

Why is it important for you to maintain your relationship with your alma mater?

TAR University College, firstly, is the institution which has shaped me holistically and prepared me well for the world of work. The University College is recognised internationally for its education excellence which provided me the competitive advantage in securing a job in the UK. In addition to this, I also gained valuable skills through my active participation in a variety of societies and all these experiences and skills are great assets for me in my work and life. Besides this, I also worked as the Corporate Communications Officer for some time in the Department of Corporate Communication and Marketing in TAR University College, where my work included writing, graphic designing, updating website, participating in the development of corporate video and photography. Having the opportunity to do different tasks during my tenure in the department has given me good working experience and these experiences have proved useful to me in my current work in terms of coordination, teamwork and effective communication with different people. Also, the team I worked with in the Department of Corporate Communication and Marketing was very supportive towards me in my work and also in my life and as a result, I have forged good friendship with them. All in all, I am indebted to TAR University College for providing me excellent education as well as valuable friendship within its community. I do hope that someday, I can contribute back to my alma mater when there is an opportunity.

What would you like to say to the current students studying in TAR University College and the school leavers who will be receiving their SPM results?

To the current students studying in TAR University College, please join at least one society as part of your extra-curricular activity. There are skills and experiences that you cannot learn in the classroom such as leadership, event management, interpersonal skills and teamwork. A balanced campus life is very important for a student and will be beneficial for students in their future endeavours. As for school leavers, you can always trust in TAR University College’s excellence in education as its programmes are not only of high standards, but they are very affordable.

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