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Using LinkedIn (Effectively) for Your Business

Via LinkedIn : With an ever-increasing emphasis on social media, 2014 was a huge year for LinkedIn, as more professionals and companies linked up online and went digital. In 2015, the emphasis on creating unique digital stories which represent your brand and drive interest and engagement towards your company is here to stay. Learning how to use LinkedIn as a resource for your company can be a great way to drive more business to your site. This article covers the creation of LinkedIn company pages, and how to make your company page work for you. All too often we see company pages on here with nothing but a description and a logo, which contributes no value for professionals that might be interested in your services.

A professional network with specific professional communities, detailed company pages, and over 300 million members, LinkedIn provides the unique opportunity of being able to connect to an audience that will help your business learn from other professionals in your industry, reach qualified candidates when hiring, and be in tune with industry trends through Groups and Communities. A properly maintained and keyword-optimized company profile will show up very high on the search engine results page, and draw in much more traffic to your company’s website (LinkedIn’s social referrals to your company’s homepage is about 50% greater than Facebook’s social referrals).

With detailed metrics, LinkedIn allows you to track your reach, click-through-rate, and interactions of your updates, and monitor relevancy of the content your company page publishes to those that read it. Additionally, there are many LinkedIn-sponsored resources aimed at growing your reach, follower base, and engagement. There are much more resources for improving your company’s social media marketing than most other platforms.

With that said, let’s get started:

Creating a company page is extremely simple on LinkedIn, and the site basically holds your hand in creating your profile. It is important to note that to optimize your company’s profile, the profile manager should fill out the profile as complete as possible. This increases the SEO of your company’s LinkedIn profile and creates a more professional look to the page, making it more engaging and encouraging members to stay on the page and learn about your company.

To set up your LinkedIn platform, your profile manager should create a page, fill out all of the required fields, upload your company’s logo and include a banner image that’s professional and relevant to the industry. After your profile is detailed with your brand statement, long-form description of what your company does, contact information, and profile pictures, your profile is complete! To manage your company page and post updates, the profile manager would log in to their personal account, hover over their profile picture on the header navigation bar, and click on ‘Company Page: Manage.’ From there, you can edit your profile, add other profile managers, post updates and job listings, and also view your profile’s analytics page.

Attracting Followers:

Growing your LinkedIn follower base is important like it is with all social media platforms: Growing your audience increases your reach, which increases engagement and conversions, which increases revenues.

The easiest way to get started with this is to have all of your employees follow the company page. It is also recommended that you place easy links to follow your company’s LinkedIn on your other marketing channels (such as email, company website, and other social platforms) to start growing your brand audience. LinkedIn provides the option to create ad campaigns just like Facebook, encouraging very specific niches of users to follow your company page. This is paid, so be sure to target people relevant to your industry or target market, and set budgets, analyze performance, and adjust the campaigns to maximize conversions. By covering all of your contact points with easy ways for people to connect to your LinkedIn, you can easily increase your follower base with minimal effort to do so. Talk about efficiency.

Get Engaged:

No, not the marital kind. Increasing engagement on any social media platform is difficult, especially for a company. But for LinkedIn, users are there for professional reasons, and are usually more receptive to your content as long as it’s relevant, interesting, and well-communicated. The best times to post have been said to be during the mornings and early afternoons during the work week. This is when people are in the most receptive mindset and professionally-engaged (otherwise known as work-mode). As for frequency of your posts, your company page should only post as often as the content that you provide supports it. Avoid duplicate posts, and encourage comments or clicks with brief descriptions of the content you’re sharing.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn also has an option like their boost, called ‘Sponsor Update.’ This is a paid function that greatly increases the reach of the specific update according to an audience that you can personally tailor. The ‘Sponsor Update’ function is useful in promoting extremely relevant and useful content to attract more followers and increase interactions and clicks. If your company aims to be a thought leader in your industry, this function is useful for increasing your brand’s awareness, and getting people talking about what your company has to say. Lastly, and most importantly, when posting updates, make sure that you include specific key words that increase your update’s visibility on search, and help those looking for that specific type of content find your update.

When your company page starts to gain some serious momentum, consider starting a Group page for customers/followers. This function allows people who buy your product/service to talk to each other about the products you sell or answer questions that they might have, and about the industry you’re in. Since your employees are also part of your follower base, this provides a great opportunity for customer service and quickly respond to customer wants and needs. For example, if a lot of people are suggesting that your company offer a specific product/service, then implementing that change might improve sales and conversions greatly. LinkedIn is just like any other social network, in the respect that you can listen to what your followers are saying and adapt your business to their needs. In return, LinkedIn users can provide recommendations on your company’s LinkedIn page, which increases your company’s SEO and image.

There are a myriad of ways to increase engagement on LinkedIn, and I’ve only covered a few of the many features that you can use with your company’s page, but if your company invests enough time into developing relevant and timely content, you’ll get an engaged and loyal brand community.

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