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What your 3 year old knows about marketing

Via LinkedIn : This was me and my 3 year old son at CVS the other day:


(He’s pointing to a hair coloring product for women. Life-like, I know.)

So I said…


I humored him and we went about the rest of our day.

Later on it struck me how simple but true this observation was.

Designers, marketers, communicators and anyone trying to sell a product too often do their jobs with a me-first mentality.

Features, benefits, specs, great corporate culture, whatever…it’s all about “look at me.”

But great products and marketing often share an obvious but powerful quality: they are so obviously made for the people they are intended for…so obvious it seems it couldn’t be any other way.

For content marketers, how much time to do you spend thinking of ways to convey how great your product or company is versus what your target audience wants?… what challenges they deal with, or their day to day experiences? What do they care about and how do you fit into that?

When they look at what you create, can they see themselves in it?

Anyway, this isn’t rocket science. But it was a vivid reminder for me that if designers, technologists, marketers, salespeople, etc. spent more time getting in the minds of people they want to reach, their work would probably look a lot different… and a lot more appealing to the people they’re trying to connect with.

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