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YIBAIFEN Standing Out as Leaders of Social E-commerce in China

via asiaone: Social E-commerce A New Business Model

Social e-commerce is a derivative e-commerce mode. It is based on interpersonal relationship networks, with the help of a social media propagation path like WeChat, which is the most popular social app in China, through social interaction and user generated content to assist selling and consumption. It is the integration of e-commerce and social media.


As a new business model, social e-commerce in China is rising rapidly. It has gradually changed the way people consume and promote new products. Social e-commerce employed 20 million people in 2017. Since 2015, the mobile social e-commerce scale has exceeded 100 billion RMB. It is predicted that the market scale will reach 370 billion RMB by 2020.

Yibaifen Standing Out

Yibaifen Group is a health industry company integrating R&D production and sales based on social e-commerce. Yibaifen is leading the new retail of China’s health industry. The founder CEO Mr. Chen Hangzhou and his founding team have rich career experience in internet industry. They strive to provide a green and healthy lifestyle for mankind and provide an efficient and open platform for customers.

With an accurate marketing model and mature advertising strategy, Yibaifen has had rapid expansion through social e-commerce retail. Yibaifen has more than 60,000 agents and 200 offline retail stores. Products such as Prebiotics Tiantianai and Xiaohuayang sell well in China, USA, UK, Mexico and other international markets.

Bonuses for Yibaifen Agents

Yibaifen has put the interest of distributors and agents first. In the past 2 years, Yibaifen has rewarded its agents with world travel to Bali island and Taiwan. In May 2018, a customized tour of France, Italy and Switzerland for 9 days will be rewarded to the top agents.

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