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YS Chong SBS Fund

The Birth of the YS Chong SBS Fund Benefits TAR College Students

Mr Teng Ngiek Lian, an alumnus of TAR College decided to set up the YS Chong SBS Fund (‘the Fund’) with the primary objective of providing financial support to deserving students of the College’s School of Business Studies (‘SBS’) and the Fund was officially launched by YB Tan Sri Dr Fong Chan Onn, the Council Member of TAR College, at the College Hall, KL Main Campus on 26 July 2012.

YS Chong SBS Fund Ceremony
Launch of YS Chong SBS Fund

The Fund, to be initially seeded by Mr Teng’s philanthropic organization ‘The Silent Foundation’, aims to assist the students with financial constraints to complete their studies at SBS by means of bursary, scholarship or cash grant. Apart from that, the Fund will also be utilised for the purpose of conducting research and to promote the improvement of corporate governance and to assist SBS in discharging its social enterprise obligations through its newly launched Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The fund named after Mr Chong Yean Seong, affectionately known as Mr YS Chong by his students, is to honour him for his immeasurable contributions to SBS and the College as a whole.

After the launching of the YS Chong SBS Fund 2012, Mr Teng Ngiek Lian had a private session with the School of Business Studies students to give them special insight into the world of fund management.

He went on to say: “As a fund manager, you need to know what you are good at, who are your customers or target audience, stay focused and don’t change your style.” These were the wise words of Mr Teng who believed that a good fund manager was one that had the ability to consistently outperform others at higher results and lower risks.

Following the talk, there was a competition held at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship among School of Social Science and Humanities (SSH) students. It was the brainchild of Mr Stephen Ong, a lecturer from the School of Business Studies who made tremendous effort to guide and assist the students in preparing them to come up with creative and convincing video presentations and sales pitches of a social enterprise. The students could negotiate with the judges as to what they would require in executing the project in terms of start-up capital, operating costs and so forth which involved real money.

This very interesting competition is actually part of the SSH students’ project where they would be collecting points for their coursework. This project will serve as a training ground for the students so that they are well-prepared to face similar challenges in the real world.

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